Essentially, we want to make sure customers are happy with our work and safe on the water. And by all accounts, it looks like we are doing a really good job. Customers continually tell us they heard about us from a friend and that we come highly recommended.


My First job working at a marina was at the early age of 11, I started working at a marine up in Antioch Illinois helping out running a toboggan slide and renting snowmobiles, I was so hooked on the snowmobiles I would always walk in the service shop and ask if there was anything I could do, they thew me a wrench and said change the spark plugs, good thing I knew what spark plugs were !! I was hooked from that moment on, I worked in marinas ever since, 1988 I open my own Business in Antioch Illinois, I sold Conquest boats and with Mercruiser franchise, my business grew very fast and I was well known as one of the best mechanics on the chain of lakes, I specialize on High Performance boat,working on the fastest boats on the chain for many years. Moved to Florida in 1999 and managed marinas for 14 years I realized how much I missed having my own business again, so here I am, Helping you to enjoy boating :-)