Making sure your boat is secure and you are safe on while boating is not something you want to leave to chance. That is why it is extremely important for you to have your boat well maintained. This is where we come in. BEAR MARINE SERVICE is your preferred choice when it comes to all things boat related, providing you with fast and affordable services that are guaranteed.



Preventive Maintenance

New installation of marine electronics, whether it a new gps, fish finder or stereo. .I believe in being safe on the water and having good electronics you can depend on makes for a good day boating, Not only are electronics important, all you instrument are critical to safe boating, marine environment are very harsh on gauges and wiring, connections are always corroding, preventive maintenance helps for safe boating.

One of the most important items to do on your boat is an annual maintenance, One a year have your 100 hour service or an annual service done Its important to change your impeller every year impellers take a set to them after setting,blades get torn or ripped, oil and filter needs to be done at the same time, if you have a stern drive this picture is what can happen when you get water in your bellows, a lot can be damaged. While the service is being done I look over the entire boat making notes of what needs to be addressed.